HOJI PRO TOUR 120 2019

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Flex: 120

Last: 103.5mm

Liner: Custom Plus

Buckles: Hoji Lock System

Weight: 1450g

Walk Mode: Yes - Touring specific boot

The Hoji Pro Tour knows no compromise. On the descent, it holds its own against alpine competitors thanks to its high rigidity and optimum power transfer on the ski. At the same time, the boot enables efficient climbing technique with superb comfort, flexibility, and maximum freedom of movement with a cuff rotation of 55 degrees. This enables a natural. energy-saving walking motion even on very steep terrain. The Speed Nose ensures additional efficiency, agility, and maneuverability. With a last width of 103.5mm, the Ultra Lock Strap, and three micro-adjustable buckles, the foot sits ideally positioned to deliver best performance and function precisely on the downhill, even on demading terrain.

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